Dual-Purpose Mirrors

Dynamic Surface Systems offers the highest quality, dual-purpose Mirror projection surfaces – which means crisp, vibrant images and unique capabilities.

With our innovative, embedded projection technology and light projection from behind, our Mirror surfaces are ideal for many applications and industries.

Dual-Purpose Mirrors


Dynamic Surface Systems offers innovative, versatile Opaque projection capabilities for endless applications. Our unique Opaque material is applied directly to the surface.


Dynamic Surface Systems offers the world’s first 95% Transparent projection surface. If you need superior visual clarity look to Dynamic Surface Systems.

I first came in contact with the Transparent Glass Material while working to produce an interactive exhibit for a major entertainment brand. The interactive, that we were working on, was a glass scree…

As technology advances it becomes more and more critical to use available resources to advance an authentic narrative. Authentic interactive experiences are critical to brands and this “elemental tech…